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Abandon all hope ye who enter here!

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Since I can't describe ourselves, we went to the people and asked: In one sentence, describe what Ihsiyoland means to you.

Kat: Smut sex knife porn yummy power goodness FUCK!

Mabes: To Mabes, ihsiyoland is a scary place where I fear that if I don't protect myself at all times, Kiyo, Ees, or one of their many fic characters may hurt me or otherwise take my life.

Sel: Angsty, cracky, smutty, loves rolled up in a magical RP land.

NC: To me ishiyoland means love all around and smex and a happy time.

Lil: Ihsiyoland is... a crazy, smutty world of knife porn and all around rape-goodness!

Mohindriel: The special, magical place in which Ish and Kiyo get up to their devious antics?

Thanks Mabes for helping us make our page look purdier than it was.